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Internet Marketing and Advertising Ideas

Website owners wanting good ideas for marketing and advertising are always seeking new and ingenious advertising and marketing methods. Of course, all business website owners want their ideas and efforts to bring in more internet traffic and increased revenue.

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Internet Marketing : 10 Killer Ways to Ignite Your Online Business

by Wyatt Lee

Is your online business moving too slowly? Need some fuel to inject some pace to it? In this Internet marketing strategy guide, I will show you 10 absolutely killer ways to ignite your online business.

1. Sign-up for website awards

Search the web for website competitions, and sign-up for them. There are many different awards out there, like best website design, best layout, best customer-friendly site, etc. When you win, some of these award sites will feature your website link, name and description on their site, giving your business some much needed credibility.

2. Join online business associations

You can join the many online business associations or clubs available on the Internet. These associations will usually list all their members on their website. This Internet marketing strategy will enable your business to get more extra exposure. 3. Inject some form of viral marketing

Viral marketing is one of the most useful and effective Internet marketing strategies. What you can do here is to write a small report with your ad included in it, and allow others to give it away. Or you can broadcast your report as a press release, and use a free service like PRWeb to help you spread the message. In this way, you can have potentially hundreds or even thousands of visitors pouring into your website. Too lazy to write a small report? Then pay someone else to write it for you. 4. Promote customer feedback

Improve your business by actively promoting customer feedback. Tell your customers that you would like to request them to provide honest opinions and comments about your business. Never mind if they are good or bad. You can post positive comments as testimonials on your website. What about negative feedbacks? Well, just learn from them and move on. 5. Re-design your product package

Is the design of your product package too bland and unattractive? Then it is time to re-design your packaging so that it sells. You can utilize the colors and lettering, and add some more graphics or animation to make your product more attractive and lively to your audience. 6. Make your guarantee better than your competitors

Do some research to compare your product's guarantee to your main competitors. Find a niche where you can design your guarantee to make it sound better and more powerful. You can try something like:" Not only will you get an iron-clad money-back guarantee, but you will also get to keep all the free bonuses!" 7. Define your words in your sales copy clearly

Do not assume that your audience understands everything and every word in your sales copy. If you have words which you think they may not know the meaning to, then define them in simpler terms. 8. Build Alliances

Try building alliances with other online businesses. In this way, you can trade links or ads with each other, enter into joint venture deals with them, or cross promote your products and services, etc. 9. Add more resources to your website

Revamp your website in such a way that it is a valuable resource centre for your audience. What you can do is to include more relevant content in the form of articles, or you can include links to other resources like interesting websites, e-books, Internet marketing tools, etc. 10. Practice good customer service

It makes really good business sense to provide your customers with top quality customer service. After all, your customers would not want to buy from someone who just sells them a product, and then disappear from the surface of the earth. So go on and practice good customer service, strong product quality and speedy service in order to compete with other highly branded businesses.

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