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Website owners wanting good ideas for marketing and advertising are always seeking new and ingenious advertising and marketing methods. Of course, all business website owners want their ideas and efforts to bring in more internet traffic and increased revenue.

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Internet Marketing using community forums

by Larry Blenn

Internet Marketing using community forums

There are a few simple ways to market to forums that some people might not think about. If you belong to a number of online communities here are some things to consider. First if you are into niche marketing then you probably already know that it's a good idea to subscribe to as many forums as possible and begin talking in those forums.

If you are selling any product, chances are there is a community forum or group online talking about it online. Once you hunt down these groups I would become an active member of the community. One obvious way to promote your website is to make sure that your signature file is up to date with a link back to your website. This way, it will display the link every time you post a comment on the forum.

Another tactics that you can use it to continually be creating new topics in the forum. This will ensure that you get the most effective response from people. Don't spam the forums looking for sales because they will just ban your account.

The last tactic I want to mention is that each forum has a Private Message area so that members can communicate to each other, similar to an email program. You can PM members on the forum who might take interest in your product. This way you can give them the link directly without actually advertising on the forum.

You can also use the yahoo group's area to find people to market to. Yahoo has been around forever and some of the groups have become quite large. The nice thing about yahoo is that when you join a group you can mass email all the members. There are lots of ways to find free traffic to your website but these are the ideas that work best for me. Grab this free ebook for more secretsMind over Marketer

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Larry Blenn is an Internet Marketer, he has created several wonderful businesses. You can download his free ebook on Internet Marketing at http://www.mindovermarketer.com

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